Gratitude, Intention and Manifesting Prayer Journal for Black Women

I’ve been busy!

I just published a brand new prayer journal just for us! This has been a labor of love creating this gem.

I created this journal to help us black women achieve our dreams. It is a prayer journal, gratitude journal, goal setting journal, and manifesting journal. There are also pages for reflection and writing down affirmations. The affirmation sheet is designed to help you generate inspiration and belief in yourself by stating your current and future goals.

If you need a space to fill out your prayer list and gratitude or are looking for a way to manifest what you want in your life, this new journal is for you. With the intention of helping black women like myself stay spiritually strong, I created this exclusive journal to help you set goals and manifest your prayers. Join the movement of black women going on spiritual journeys and discovering our best selves!

 There is a lot of bad things happening in our world these days, and it can get pretty depressing.

This journal is designed to help you keep your focus on the positives and the blessings through gratitude and journaling.

 The prayer journal for black women is a gratitude journal, goal setting journal, and manifesting journal all in one.

Fill in the pages with prayers, your heart desires, and dreams to set intentions to manifest your future. With its daily verses and grateful challenge, you will be taken through a heart-opening journey of self-discovery and fulfillment each day as you set goals to create a life that is full.

This journal is both beautiful and functional, whether you are looking for a gratitude journal or to set goals, this journal is the perfect companion for you.

Women of color deserve to have a space to not only pray but also feel gratitude and manifest their goals.

You can find this journal on Amazon it’s only $12.97 Peace Be Still: A prayer journal for black women 

Go buy it, Leave a review, share it!

I appreciate you! Let’s become our best selves together!