Self care for black people dealing with the daily trauma of racism

It’s been an emotionally draining couple of weeks. Black people as a whole, we’ve been triggered on so many levels. Our mental health is at risk, we are in pain, we are broken, tired, and exhausted.
We have to take care of ourselves. We have to continue to grow love and joy in the midst of all the hate and oppression. 
We are survivors! We are going to make it! Our black lives don’t only matter, our black lives are loved, valued, and appreciated.
Here are 14th things you can do to keep your peace and self-care.

1. Protect your space. 
2. You are allowed to feel your feelings, block, and remove everyone is your circle who are making you justified your feelings.

3. You don’t have to argue with racists.
4. You don’t owe white people any racist lessons. They know.
5. The allies and those who care know what to do you don’t have to use your energy to teach.
6. Take the time to play with your children. They are feeling this too, and they probably don’t know how to talk about it. So you might hear: 
“Can you play with me?”, 
“Can you paint with me?” 
Listen and play with your children.
7. You don’t need to be plugged into the news cycle every second of the day. Protect your peace at all costs.
8. Teaching the kids to have joy is also fighting racism.
9. Breathe! A lot of this stuff happening is not new to us but having it at the forefront all day every day for the past few weeks is enough to trigger anxiety attacks. We are not going to cure racism in a day, take your time, slow down, and take a few breaths.

10. Remember to eat.

11. Play with your plants.

12. Drink your tea, coffee, or wine.

13. Rewatch your funny shows.

14. Do the things that make you happy.

We are tired and exhausted. Please, take time to recharge brothers and sisters, take good care of yourself. 
You can not pour from empty cups.