Summer Hair Tutorial! Keratin Color Moisture CVS Hair Dye

CVS Hair Dye


Summer is upon us! Flowers are blooming, the weather is warmer, the count down for end-of-school is ON, and my summer vibe is dialed to 10. I’m ready for all the fun stuff like sandy beaches, poolside brunches, flirty dresses, and popping vibrant hair color! In the last year, my hair color was red, purple, honey-blond then back to brown. This summer, I’m going Crimson with Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color Moisture CVS hair dye.


Coloring kinky, curly hair is delicate and you want your color to be popping without damaging your curls. Color can turn your luscious curls into thirsty straw if you’re not careful. When coloring natural hair with store-bought hair dye, like the CVS Hair Dye, especially at home, you have to think of moisture…moisture is your best friend. ​

CVS Hair Dye

I stopped by CVS and found this very promising Keratin Color and Moisture by Schwarzkopf® CVS hair dye. My heart skipped a beat because I was so excited to take it for a spin.​ Coloring your hair at home can be scary but it’s also fun, less expensive, and much quicker than the salon. ​Now only $9.99, plus $5 ExtraBucks Rewards when you spend $20 on Schwarzkopf® products while supplies last.

I love playing with my hair color, but make sure you follow the directions! Also, a few pointers from someone who’ve done it more than a couple of times is also a great reference. 

“I am she who’s done it a couple of time and I shall instruct you in the art of at-home hair coloring.”​

Are you ready for this? Here’s what you need and need to know.

First, you need to pick your color of choice, of course! I found my right in the CVS hair dye aisle.

Keratin hair color at home tutorial CVS Hair Dye

I went with the Keratin Color Moisture Crimson by Schwarzkopf® because their formula nourishes and moisturize with macadamia nut oil that leaves my curls looking healthy and strong! On top of that, the color is super vibrant! Keratin Color Moisture was designed for women of color, with curls and textured hair in mind and the shades work great on dark hair too.​
Now that you have your color, you need a comb, hair clip (if you have long hair), an old towel you don’t mind getting stained, and newspapers or plastic bags to put on the floor so you don’t stain your floors. Keep the door open for adequate ventilation.​ Now that you’re ready to start…

Read. The. Manual. seriously read it!​

Keratin hair color at home tutorial CVS Hair Dye


After you’re done reading the manual and you’re pretty comfortable in what you’re supposed to do, don’t forget the gloves. I wear mine right off the bat so I don’t forget. Ooh, another tip, put some oil around your ears, nape, and forehead just in case you make a mess, you won’t look like a mess for days. ​

Keratin Color Moisture CVS Hair Dye has an easy three steps process

Step 1 is the protective Pre-Color Serum, which conditions your hair evenly before coloring.​

Keratin hair color at home tutorial

Step 2 is mixing the color in the activator bottle and applying it to your head.  Wonder why I’m so happy? Usually, I have to cut the tip on the activator bottle, which is kind of annoying but this one I didn’t have to cut it…it had a screw-on top at the tip! ​

The application is super easy! What’s the worst that could happen? You spill some on the floor, but you are prepared for that right?​

This is my hair after I applied the whole bottle. Check out that Crimson! 


Keratin hair color at home tutorial


Set a timer for 30 minutes and you’re ready for step 3! 

Step 3 is the rinsing. No big whoop, you’re just washing the color out as you would normally wash your hair until the water is nice and clear. Then apply the step 3 conditioning formula, detangle, rinse, and look FABULOUS!

Check out this close up! Fire, Fire, Fire! Mind you, I started out with pretty dark hair. This by far the best hair color result I ever had without prior bleaching.​

Keratin hair color at home tutorial CVS Hair Dye

Are you planning on coloring your hair at home this summer? Have you ever done it? Is this is your first time? I highly recommend using Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color & Moisture CVS Hair dye! ​