Gardening and Mental Health Benefits


gardening and mental health
There are so many mental health benefits of gardening. Whether you have an indoor garden or an outdoor garden, this way of life can improve your mental health tremendously. Today I’m going to discuss some of the amazing mental health benefits of gardening as a means to inspire you to start a garden this year.
Gardening as a therapeutic intervention in mental health 
Encourages the Move Beyond Perfectionism
Having a garden will help you appreciate the unexpected and to let go of your perfectionist side. There’s no telling which plants will grow and reap a huge harvest and which ones may not make it this year. Having a garden will help you move beyond your perfectionism to a calmer, more realistic approach to other areas in life.
Encourages Healthy Eating
You all know that eating healthier can improve your mental health. That’s where gardening comes into play. Growing healthy food at home will allow you to enjoy healthy eating in a more cost-effective way. Having a garden will help cut your grocery bill costs as you work to harvest and preserve your edible food grown at home in the garden so you can improve mental health with healthier food consumption.
gardening and mental health
Boosts Your Mood
Being around plants whether your garden is indoors or outside, has always been helpful to boost a person’s mind. Something about being around nature, such as your edible plants, helps you feel more relaxed, and calm. Spending time in your garden to maintain it will help relax your mind and body as you enjoy the fresh air and live plants.
Develops a Growth Mindset
Believe it or not but tending to a garden can help you improve your growth mindset. This especially holds true when you work to bring an almost dead edible plant back to life and in turn reap a large harvest. 
Being able to maintain a garden to grow edible food helps you work with your growth mindset of adjusting how you’re tending to the garden to advance the growth of your food which can assist you in your personal life with a better growth mindset.
These are just some of the amazing mental health benefits of gardening that you can enjoy when you opt to have an indoor or outdoor garden this year. Growing edible plants is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life and encourage a more positive mindset. 
I hope that my list above has inspired you to start looking into starting your edible garden this year. 

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  1. I like where you say… ‘attending a garden can help you improve a growth mindset’ i love that. I so need to get my hands dirty as i need a serious mood boost. Great post! Thank you.

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