Garden towers are the best Gardening solution for small space

gardening for health - benefits of gardening

When I lived in my townhouse, all I had to garden was an L shaped corner.  I use to have a mini palm tree and a couple of decorative plants. Back in 2014, I went on a month-long trip, when I came back it was all decorative plants was scorched by the hot Florida sun and weed had taken over the whole place.

This was when I decide to use my little space to grow food instead of decor. I started growing food and use my gardening for health instead of prettiness.

I had a patch of kale, a few peppers, and one tomato plant. One of the benefits of gardening is being able to grow and eat your own healthy food.

I had gotten a taste for homegrown food,  I couldn’t go back to peasant grocery food LOL… I was a garden boogie by then.

That’s when I invest in my first vertical garden. It was the best piece of technology I ever owned. I was in love with that thing. 

gardening for health - benefits of gardening

I had twenty holes to plant to my heart content! I grew lettuce, arugula, basil, even cucumbers. It was magnificent!
Unfortunately during the move last year, my tower garden baby got damage and I haven’t been able to use it. Which means I’m in the market for another one vertical garden. 

Why do I need a vertical garden tower when I have almost two acres of gardening spaces you asked? 
Well, Summers in Florida are not always conducive to gardening, it’s too hot and too wet. In the summer a vertical garden comes in handy… remember I’m garden boogie. 
while this specific reason is completely vain and superficial there is another good reason…

Unfortunately, we are in a pandemic and food supply may get dicey. At the very least for my own peace of mind, I want me another one.

I found a new garden tower, I think I’m in love with.
This puppy hold fifty plants, act as a self fertilizer and composter. I love that feature because I have been trying to compost but all I manage to do was compiling stinky hot trash. I’m excited to be doing it the right way this time!

Garden towers Gardening solution for small space

Aside from the Self fertilizer and composting the Garden Tower Project It does all the gardening heavy lifting. Perfect for people with small space, people who kill plants, beginner gardener… No Weeding Required. It helps you be a good steward of the environment, Grows 50 Plants & Vegetables in Four Sq. Feet.
Compost & Garden in One Nutrient-Rich Gardening so your plants are always lush. The two-tower garden is less than $200 and you can get 2 towers for about $359 be able to grow 100 plants. I love it!
I spent over $500 on my first one, I got more than my money’s worth. Garden Towers have come a long way since 2014, It’s amazing how much cheaper they’ve gotten.

what are your favorite gardening solutions?