15 new skills you can learn to fight boredom while on quarantine

When I was in elementary school, on Friday we use to have an embroidery class. I was the queen of Embroidery, I was the teacher’s pet and apprentice help all my peers who can’t figure it out. Embroided items used to be my goto gift for everybody. I would stitch flowers, and writing on pieces of fabrics for my parents on mother’s day, father’s day. I would be so proud when I finish a piece.

I haven’t used that skill is over twenty years, I wasn’t even sure I would remember, I stumble on video and I realize I could still do this. At the very least I remember the basic stitch called “Les point devant” I’m teaching the girls how to do it. 
Especially now a lot of us are stuck at home and looking for ways to distract ourselves, I came up with Fifteen cool skills you can learn to fight boredom while being stuck at home.

I’ve compile a list of free and affordable online classes to help you
1. Learn a new dance
2. Try your hands at quilting
3. Learn to sew. Sewing will come in handy these days, you can learn to make your own masks
4. You can try your hands at knitting
5. Photography can be fun and relaxing
6. Learn painting and art
7. Cake decorating
8. Baking
9. Crochet
10. Learn to make jewelry
11. Learn Embroidery
12. Learn paper crafts

13. Learn to garden
14. Learn woodworking
15. Spinning