Tips for Growing Garlic in your garden

Garlic is an amazing vegetable that’s traditionally used more like a spice or herb. This delicious vegetable is an excellent way to keep sickness at bay all the while adding flavor to your favorite meals. In Haitian culture garlic is the medicine from heaven, it cure everything.

You have stomach virus? Boil a hand full or garlic skin and a few cloves

You have gas? Boil a hand full or garlic skin and a few cloves

You have high blood pressure? Slice a few garlic and stuff them in a sandwich 

Shy of bringing you back from the dead, Garlic just like Ginger Ale will cure all your ailments and make your food delicious!

If you are planning a garden this year and want to know how to grow garlic, then continue reading.

I’m sharing some of the best tips for growing garlic in your home garden. These tips will ensure you’re able to harvest a lot of garlic this year for use throughout the year.

Tips for Growing Garlic

Check the Soil

You’ll want nutrient-rich well-drained soil to plant your garlic. If you find that your soil is too sandy or porous then try to amend the soil using compost or a premium fertilizer to ensure your soil is perfect for a large harvest of garlic.

Ensure Proper Spacing

Garlic will need to have rows that are spaced about 6 inches apart. When digging your holes to plant garlic, dig about 4-6 inches down to place your garlic cloves. Be sure to plant your garlic cloves with the pointed end facing up in the holes you created.

Water as Needed

You’ll want to give your garlic a bit of water after the first planting. The cloves are going to need extra water to get started. Be sure to check back regularly to maintain proper moisture. A good way to ensure your garlic cloves retain moisture throughout their growth period is to add a layer of mulch on top.

When is garlic ready for harvest?

There are a few varieties of garlic, so the harvest time will be anywhere between 90-150 days after planting the garlic cloves. The best time to harvest garlic is when the lower leaves start to turn brown. You’ll find that the upper leaves may still be green, and that’s perfectly fine.

You’ll lift your garlic plant out of the ground, roots and all. Shake off the soil and allow your garlic plants to sit in sunlight to dry out for about two weeks before you bring your garlic indoors to use as an herb or spice. Once your garlic has cured for two weeks, you can take the roots and leaves off your garlic plant and store the garlic in a cool, dry space indoors.

While you can use garlic immediately after harvest, it’s best to let the garlic cure so that it will last longer. This process of curing the garlic plants in the sunlight for about two weeks will allow you to store your garlic for a longer time. Now that you have everything you need to know, get out there and start planting your garlic as soon as the last frost cycle has completed in your region of the world.