The Benefits of a Family Garden

Many benefits come from planning a family garden. For starters, you can bet that this new garden will give you a chance to spend some quality time together. Not only will you reap the rewards of having more family time together, but you’ll be able to eat fresh food from your family garden regularly.
Today I’m sharing some of my favorite benefits of a family garden to encourage you to plant some fruits and vegetables this year.

The Benefits of a Family Garden

Encourages Healthy Eating

It’s nearly impossible to get a picky eater to try new foods. When you plan a family garden, you’ll find that your picky eaters and not-so-picky eaters will start eating healthier. Being able to pick fresh vegetables from the garden encourages all family members to eat healthy regardless of their normal preferences.

Physical Activity

It’s important to have daily physical activity. Spending time in your family garden picking weeds, harvesting your crop and checking the plants for any pests is an excellent form of physical activity. Kids of all ages can get outdoors with you to harvest your crop, pick weeds, and check your garden for any signs of pests.

Enhances Fine Motor Skills

From the onset of a family garden, your kids will be using their fine motor skills to plant seeds and tend to the garden. Consider giving your kids their own garden tools set. This will allow your kids to enhance their fine motor skills as they work to prune garden growth, weed the garden, rake out any debris and partake in other activities to keep your family garden growing healthy.

Introduction to Science

Growing plants is all about science! Including your kids in the process of growing vegetables and fruits in your family garden will introduce your kids to simple science concepts. They’ll start to learn how the seeds grow, what type of soil is best, and how the sunlight combined with water helps encourage a large harvest during your family garden season.
When it comes to having a family garden there aren’t any negatives. This is by far one of the most positive ways to bring your family together and encourage a love of healthy eating.
Both my daughters did their science fair experiment on growing plants. My oldest spent a month testing what kind of vitamins promote plant growth and my youngest did hers on the effect of music on plant growth. It was really fun for the whole family to speculate on the results. The both got As on their projects.