How to Start a Flower Garden

How to Start a Flower Garden - gardening and healthy living
There’s something special about having a flower garden. This beautiful display of flowers is a beautiful addition to any landscape design. You can make a flower garden in the front yard or backyard. The options for what type of flowers to grow in your flower garden are endless too.
You’ll want to plan specific flowers based on your desire for this flower garden. Opt for perennials that will return year after year or annuals that will grow once. When it comes to learning how to start a flower garden, there are a few simple things you must think about. Today I’m sharing a few simple tips to ensure your first flower garden is a success.

How to Start a Flower Garden

Know Your Options

The first step to starting a beautiful flower garden is to know your site. You’ll want to pick a spot that has good soil, lighting, and any other necessities for the specific flowers you choose to grow. Research the flower options that will work best for your flower garden before determining the right spot to start your flower garden.

Know the Frost Cycle or Heat cycle if like me you live in Florida or anywhere south

Be sure your frost risk is completely over before starting a flower garden. Since every geographical area is different, you’ll want to look up when the risk of frost is over for your region. Knowing when your last frost cycle is will help you plan your flower garden from start to finish with success. The same if you live in Florida, winter IS our spring, so you may need to start earlier, before the extreme heat and torrential rain start.

Choose a Color Scheme

How to Start a Flower Garden - gardening and healthy living

While you don’t have to choose a color scheme it’s a great way to ensure your flower garden is appealing for your yard. The last thing you want a cluster of different colors that don’t quite match. Select a color scheme of flowers that unifies the colors in your yard and of your exterior home design. Select different tones and hues of a color that matches for the best-looking flower garden ever.
I went with yellow, I read somewhere that yellow make you happy and the marigold seed box were a dollar at the Dollar Tree so I make it rain.

Think About Pollinators

How to Start a Flower Garden - gardening and healthy living

One of the many benefits of having a flower garden is to encourage pollinators to continue their spot in our eco-system. If you want to make sure that your flower garden looks beautiful while serving a purpose then consider adding some flowers that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies so that you can help in keeping these important pollinators around.
These are just some of the basic tips to start a flower garden. Once you’ve selected your flowers for your new flower garden, you’ll follow the instructions for each plant to ensure it grows healthy. After that, you’ll just need to keep the flowers pruned, and weeds down so that you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful flower garden you just created.

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