5 easy to grow greens and salad vegetables

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5 easy to grow greens and salad vegetables - Easy gardening

Wanna get your hands dirty this season but you’re afraid of your brown thumb? I have 5 easy to grow greens and salad you can grow that will leave you feeling like a master gardener in no time.

Starting your first garden is a fun way to eat healthier and get outdoors more often. Whether you’re planning a large garden or a small garden this first year, you must know What Vegetables greens and salad are the easiest to Plant.

I’ve learned that being able to harvest daily vegetables I can eat, helps encourage me to grow a garden year after year. When I first started gardening I was planting shrubs and pretty foliage, and herbs in pots. Then it dawned on me that I could use this space to grow food. I started with one plant of kale, it was so much joy to have. That one little kale plant fed us for 2 years. We were using it in our salad and smoothies almost daily.

I don’t like to wait for things that would need to bear fruits, I like plants and vegetables with a quick turn around. Plants you can start eating the minute they sprout, no need to wait for a fruit to mature, the leaf is the food. When it comes to greens, the baby leaf always tastes better anyway.

What Vegetables, Greens and Salads Should You Plant?

Start with the stuff you eat, like lettuce, spinach and expand within that family according to your growing zone.

For me my go to greens and salad to plants are


Swish chard
Collard green


Butter crunch lettuce



5 easy to grow greens and salad vegetables - Easy gardening

I love romaine lettuce and spinach and I buy them all the time but both of them like it cold. I live in Florida so cold weather is sporadic which makes growing romaine and spinach hit or miss. So as a substitute, I plant Swiss chard, They are pretty much tasteless and can replace lettuce in a lot of things like sandwiches, salads and tacos.

Collard greens are great for morning smoothies, especially when they are young. The baby leaves blend well and taste great with mangoes and banana.

Arugula is something I never bought before. I wouldn’t know what it tasted like until I planted some. I was missing my life. They are spicy, they add a great taste to almost anything, they remind me of watercress or cresson I used to eat when I was a kid. I eat them with my Swiss chard in salad, stuffed in sandwiches or shredded in tacos and wraps.5 easy to grow greens and salad vegetables - Easy gardening

Butter Crunch lettuce loves me. They grow well. I used to grow them in my tower garden. Last year I planted them in the ground for the first time and they are doing very well. They are also great salad additions.

I’m not going to sell you on the taste of kale, I HATE KALE, I think they taste like mean people tears but they are good for you, they look nice in a garden and they are expensive. They are easy to grow so yay to being healthy and saving money.

Happy planting! what are you going to plant?