5 benefits of planting a backyard garden

5 benefits of planting a backyard garden

Planting a garden and growing your own food can be a fun healthy activity for the whole family, you get to breathe some fresh air, you get to absorb vitamins D from the sun, you get to exercise… There are so many positive benefits to planting a garden, it’s an all-in-one wellness activity you don’t want to pass off.

Gardening help with anxiety and depression

Playing in the dirt is good for you! Dirt help with anxiety

That explains why children are more carefree and have less stress than adults. Children play in the dirt!

“In a new study, researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder have identified an anti-inflammatory fat in a soil-dwelling bacterium, called Mycobacterium vaccae, that may have the ability to ward off stress and anxiety.”

I always feel a sense of calm when I’m in my garden. Watching plants grow from a tiny seed, just give me a sense of accomplishment even for that given moment, I forget all about my anxious thoughts.

Save on Gym membership with garden work-out

Planting a garden can be a great workout, from pulling weeds to digging and moving around… After a day in the garden, I feel like I’ve been through a full-body workout. In my opinion, I think a gardening workout is so much better than a gym workout and have way less chance of hurting yourself. During a gardening workout, you are doing natural movements and engaging all the necessary body parts. You don’t have to worry about leg day, back day, or strength training. Just do your job in the garden and I guarantee all your body parts will get their fair share.

5 benefits of planting a backyard garden

Turn boring lunch to colorful healthy lunch

When you have fresh salads right in your backyard, you can turn a plain ramen noodle lunch from blah to appetizing, colorful, delicious, and healthier lunch.

Even if you’re getting ready to make a simple sandwich, when you have a garden right outside you can elevate the nutritious value of your lunch with some green salads and fresh cherry tomato.
Help you eat healthier, more nutritious food

A lot of organic companies rave about their quality of food with the slogan “From farm to table” because your food is so much better when it hasn’t been traveling for weeks to get to you. You can buy organic tomatoes but nothing beats the taste of the tomato grown from your own backyard or the salads or greens. These are the facts! Nothing tastes better than the food you’ve grown yourself. And all you need a few cherry tomato seeds.

You are helping the environment
I remember when I was a kid, on earth day we would plant a tree to help with the depleting ozone layer. Plants provide oxygen, no matter the size of the plant, they are working hard absorbing the carbon dioxide from the air and releasing clean oxygen. When these plants are in your backyard, you get to breathe that deliciously cleans oxygen first before it gets mixed up with car exhaust and other impurities.

When you grow your own food you are reducing gas emission from manufacturing farming. When you plant a garden you are helping take care of pollinators.

Remember the Bee Movie?

How the collapse of a bee colony affected the production of everything. Even if your garden doesn’t produce food for you and your family, you are helping the pollinators which in turn help local growers which in turn help you and the environment.

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