When do You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

When do You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

The Holidays are long gone, most of us are back to work and all the Christmas decorations are ready to get back in their boxes and tucked away until next year.
Not for me! 
I don’t want to take them down!
I normally take them down around January 6th because my mom always say that. I recently find out that the January 6th mark has to do with three kings day and/or epiphany which are catholic holidays… I think.
Which make sense, my mom was raised catholic but she didn’t raise me catholic. We are still Christian, but strangely enough Christmas wasn’t such a revere christian holiday in Haiti when I was growing up. We didn’t go to Christmas eve service or do any church related Christmas stuff.
As a matter of fact, my dad and the preachers at my church use to denounce how pagan and commercialize the holiday was and no one know when Jesus was born, if anything Jesus’ birthday could maybe in the spring because the bible talk about it being a cold night and in Jerusalem it get cold in the spring not December. We use to have something call “Réveillon” on Christmas eve which could be loosely translate to “All nighter or let’s stay awake” I think.

When should you be taking your Christmas tree down.

It was an all night party with all the food under the sun and sometimes live music. Every house and even churches would have them. My youth group use to throw the most epic “Réveillon” and my friends and I would go “Réveillon” hoping until it was morning and we would spend Christmas day pretty much sleeping and eating left over. When I was little we would open Santa’s gifts first thing in the morning and one of my favorite I got to do with my kids this year was running around with “Pluie d’Etoile” or sparklers as you may know them.
It took forever for my kids to stop being afraid of them, judging by my face in this picture… I had a BLAST! They did too… I think

I loved the way we did Christmas when I was a kid but I adore the heavily commercialize Americanize pagan holiday! Fight me!
It helps that it’s tied in into Jesus so I have the excuse to really go all out!
At least as all out as I can! If I wasn’t a single mom on a strict budget my house would be more lit than Cinderella castle at Disney world but twinkling light are expensive and electricity ain’t cheap. 
So I sorta go all out.
Per my tradition i made up, I put my tree up exactly after thanksgiving dinner, I don’t really stick to a take down tradition, but I think i usually do it around the 6th like my mom said.
This year however, I have zero desire to touch it! Neither do the kids. Today i suggested that we take it down. My 10 year old nearly cry! Quite frankly I’m kinda sad to have to put it down. There isn’t much to enjoy about being a grown-up. Being a grown-up most time sucks with making big decisions and paying bills.

This year I intend to use my big decision making privileged as a grown-up to NOT take the Christmas tree down.
I don’t wanna!
The Christmas tree make me happy!
The twinkling light spark JOY!
I don’t turn on the outside lights but my living room STAYS!

There was an article earlier this year on business insider that suggest that people who put up their Christmas tree earlier are happier. If putting up your Christmas tree earlier make you happier could keeping it later also makes you happier?

I choose Happy!

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