20 ways to create holiday memories and traditions that will last a lifetime.

parenting - Building family memories and tradition

Kids and family bonding time Moto: Always be part of the kids life as they grow up participate in the silly stuff they’re into, like that as you don’t get left behind. You don’t want to wake with teenagers you have no idea how to talk to them, because you’re no longer cool. 

As my kids transition into their tween years, staying involved in their daily lives is more important than ever. Holidays are a special time to take advantage of said togetherness. I’ve compiled a list of twenty fun holiday memory making activities you can do with your family. Entertainment that doesn’t have to break the bank. you don’t want to get into debt for the holidays. Holidays are expensive enough!

parenting - Building family memories and tradition

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  1. Spend time as a family binge watching christmas movies or star wars or superhero, it doesn’t matter!
  2.  Eat together at the table as much as possible and actually talk.
  3.  Go old school. Play a game or activity that doesn’t involve technology.
  4.  Read a book together. Take turns reading out loud to each other. If your kids are still young, then you might have to do all the reading. My girls and I are reading the Frame mystery by James Ponti, it is tons of fun.
  5. Participate in something the kids are into, like playing with snapchat filters or shooting silly tik tok video together.
  6.  Exercise together, it could be gardening together, play hide and seek tag whatever get you and your kids moving.
  7.  Make cleaning a family activity, that way you get to spend time together and accomplish something. We just clean our closets, and played dress up all in one.
  8.  Makeup some kinda traditions. For example Things like the kids make breakfast on Saturday and use fancy dishes to make it special. Or it could be what day you put up your christmas tree? We do ours after thanksgiving dinner and it’s a blast!
  9.  Cook a meal together. Make something unusual and have everybody participate. For example, my kids and I we tried making sushi, some other time we come up with elaborate snack trays.
  10. Go see christmas lights with the kids, could be just a walk or drive through the neighborhood. A
  11. Attend local school and church concerts, they are usually free!
  12.  Invite a friend out for lunch or dinner or just come over for eggnog.
  13.  Pick a pinterest worthy dessert to bake together. Be open for it to NOT come out as planned. Trying is the fun part.
  14.  Decorated the house together. Deck all the halls 
  15. Have an impromptu holiday photoshoot, dress up if you’re in the mood. Playing dress up can be a lot of fun.
  16.  Play in make up.
  17.  Give each other homemade facials.
  18.  Have a singing and dance party with the kids. 
  19. Have a “sleepover” with the kids. Could be just a fort in the living room.
  20.  Write a holiday gratitude journal together. Although this should be a year round activity, but we do forget and don’t practice our gratitude as much. The holidays are a perfect time to get the gratitude train going again!
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