How to become a VSCO girl and build your VSCO toolkit

How to become a VSCO girl

This is a guest post written by 11 year old daughter Ms Kailee.

What is a VSCO girl?

A VSCO girl is a super perky and happy girl, who wears scrunchies, big shirts and is very environmentally conscious. She’s all about the turtles. Basically a girl who looks just like her mom back in the 90s and loves turtles!
If you would like to become a VSCO girl this how and what you need.

Step 1
Be super perky and always stay happy
If someone asks for a scrunchies give them one but by the end of the day you better get your scrunchies back!
To seem super VSCO, be meaningful and support causes specifically the turtles always recycle and when you throw plastic in the trash, you have to say “Save the Turtles!

How to become a VSCO girl

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Step 2
You’ve got to dress the part
There are four key things you need in your VSCO toolkit. If you don’t know what these are ask your mom about the stuff she use to wear back in the 90s
1. Scrunchies
2. Big shirts
3. Birkenstock
4. And most importantly, HYDROFLASK

Step 3
You gotta know their languague
Key things VSCO girls say:
1.     And I oop                               
2. Sksksksksk (almost anywhere in your sentence)                                                     
3. Save the turtles!
4. Almost dropped my hydroflask