How I reduced my trash by fifty percent and you can too!

upcycle - recycle  How I reduced my trash by fifty percent
I’ve always been a gardening enthusiast, the deeper I get into it, the more I connect to the life cycle and environment. The things I use and the thing I throw away. Some throw away now hold deeper meaning, for instance a banana peel is no longer just something I throw in the trash. It’s valuable potassium for my soil.
And plastic is not just plastic but harmful substances that can leech in my organic veggies I’m trying to keep clean.
I have a brand new perspective on trash y’all!
And you should too.
If you’re ever thinking on way you can contribute to the environment here are some small ways you can do so.
upcycle - recycle  How I reduced my trash by fifty percent
Limit disposable items
The very first way to reduce trash is to NOT use use trash items to begin with. If you can do without a plastic bag. Do it
If you can use a reusable glass jar in lieu of a disposable one, water bottles, juice bottles… By all means be intentional about it.
upcycle - recycle  How I reduced my trash by fifty percent
When you have to use all the above… Well next step is to recycle! Use your blue and yellow bins instead of throwing everything in the trash!
Repurpose items that can be repurposed.

This one may not be for everyone. Compost is gross! It Can be expensive to get one of those fancy composting machine, you may not have the space to do so  And again it may not be for everyone. Just in case you wanna try, here’s a few tips to help with the expensive and space part. I can’t help with the gross part 
We’re talking about decomposing trash it ain’t pretty.
If you were willing to try but don’t have the space, there may be local places that will take in your scraps. So just like recycling, you would collect your edible scraps to give to them.
If you have the space but don’t want to splurge on a composter… All you need a a big bucket with a lid. If weather permits you could just compost directly in the ground.
Just dump your scraps in your garden bed for later.

With upcycling sky is the limit! You can turn any old things into something new!
I saw a friend turn an old jumper into shorts, then head wrap! You can turn a dress into a skirt, I have an example here. An old ladder into a bookshelf, plastic bottles into chic lamps, paper toilet tubes into organized space.
When I say sky’s the limit? With a little imagination you can upcycle a lot of things

This one is easy! Just give it away!
If there’s any life left in the item you can always give it away instead of sending it to the landfills.