Learn to relax your body to reduce stress

Learn to relax your body to reduce stress

Relax your cheeks. All of them 
This week alone I’ve had two professional told me to relax my cheeks.
I was at the dentist, my dental hygienist was in between switching instruments when he tapped my my jar and said “relax your cheeks, you’re grinding” we were in the middle of trying to diagnose an issue I had just complained about.
It was a AHA moment.

The problem with my back molars eroding was due to my clinching jar and grinding my teeth.
Two days later I went for a massage and the masseuse said the same thing but this time she was referring to my butt cheeks. Apparently I keep my whole body clenched at all times.

As if the whole is going to collapse under me and I’m afraid to let go. Now that explains my constant battle with headaches and muscles tensions. It’s a step in the right direction to at least know I do that. Now to retrain my muscles to relax and let go is another set of challenges.

I find myself sort of holding myself up in my own bed… the one place I’m supposed to relax!

That some serious psychological woes I definitely need to work through, how it started, why and how do I stop.
For now I’m simply making a conscious effort to relax my muscles every few minutes because tense is apparently my default 
Do you guys know what I am talking about? Is this just a ME issue? Anyone else does this?
Please tell me! I really want to know.

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  1. I have learned a technique that some air force pilots use when they need to get to sleep. The easy part is to start at the top of my head and consciously relax my scalp, my face (even my eyes), and work my way down so the head is heavy, the arms are loose and heavy, etc. The hard part is when I try to shut off my brain and think of nothing. Visualizing what I might "see" while in free-fall in space — floating weightlessly but moving forward — sometimes does it.

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