Learning to ask and accept help when needed

On more “I’ve just Bitten-off more than I can chew.” news
My worst enemy is  “I can do that” the very lie I tell myself. In my defense 
I’ve lived in Home Depot for the past few months. I love DIY and I’m pretty good at DIYing so when I was buying a house I just looked at stuff and thought eh, I can do that!
I found myself in the worst case of biting more than you can chew. My mouth is full Y’all, I can’t even swallow. First I thought replacing the carpet with laminated wood would be a breeze… it’s not even the whole house just the bedrooms… Wrong!
I thought I could paint the place myself
I thought I could remove the weed and overgrown bushes… So wrong!
I thought I could build my raised bed
I thought I can do this! I can do that
While in theory I probably could but I’m also working on limited time. I only have a few hours in the afternoon and weekends.
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”… sometimes means Christ maybe strengthening you to delegate that task.
Lesson learned: Just because you CAN do everything doesn’t mean you should do everything.

Get help!

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