It’s a come back! Happy New Year yall!

New year, new you - Lifestyle of a black singe mom

I started blogging as a hobby… the real payoff has always been the therapeutic effect of sharing and helping others through sharing stories.
In this sense, blogging had become a ministry. But ministry sucks. It’s expensive! Not money wise but emotionally, mentally and everywhere else.
Especially in the climate, we live in these days… Being online, sharing, listening, helping are all very expensive on the soul. I’ve been taking the selfish route and keep to myself, which is anti-ministry, anti-blogging, and anti-sharing.
Ministry is pretty much the “gift of self” and that sucks.

New year, new you - Lifestyle of a black singe mom

Ministry through blogging requires you to share, be vulnerable. If you’re going to help people you’re going to get naked, you’re going to have to expose yourself. On one side to be able to heal yourself and also able to help people.
Well…I hate that too.

So whenever some good blogging ministry material and opportunity comes up…I hide! Because I don’t like getting naked, I don’t like sharing, I don’t like getting vulnerable… I mean who does? It is easier to just bubble myself up and stay out of all of it.
I don’t think anybody likes spilling their guts to complete strangers on the internet.
So, I’ve been hiding. Between our news cycles, suicides here and there, injustice, racism, random internet troll… I decided the best way to deal with everything was to just disappear.

New year, new you - Lifestyle of a black singe mom

I took the easy way out and hide. Until the emails start rolling in and I realize I do not have the luxury or the right to just hide. I need to use my voice! It is too important not to.
Even in a tiny itty-bitty small scale my voice matter! My voice is needed, my voice offers hope. There are ears waiting for my voice. So here I am, sticking my head halfway out…this is my comeback.
One can only hide from their true self for so long.
Let’s heal each other.

Happy new year yall! What’s happening?

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