4 Ways to Save Money on your Family Vacation

Single moms tips: 4 Ways to Save Money on your Family Vacation

Yay, you! You did it!
You manage to save enough money, set aside time to take your family on vacation.

Vacation shouldn’t be a once in a blue moon thing, and it shouldn’t cost you half year wage. There are ways you can stretch your dollars and still have a fun time with your family.

1.Road trip instead of flying

I can’t believe I’m saying this! I used to loathe road trips! Being in the car for long period of time felt like punishment. If your family is four or more, you’ll find that driving to your destination can considerably reduce your traveling cost.

Single moms tips: 4 Ways to Save Money on your Family Vacation

I have a 12 hour limit on a road trip but on my last one, I did 17. The trick is to include the driving as part of the trip. For example, we made a fun game called state hop. Each state line we cross we stop take a picture with their welcome sign and eat something native to that state. The kids collect facts about the state, take pictures. It a blast! Because we’re taking fun breaks the length of the trip is barely noticeable. 

1. Cut down on eating out.

The most expensive part of vacation is the food. Especially for a family of four or more, even if you could score the cheapest food it will still be expensive, doing it three times a day multiply that by four or more people it adds up quickly. 

Single moms tips: 4 Ways to Save Money on your Family Vacation

When we go on vacation, you have to eat out. You just have to but one thing you can do is try to eliminate some meals throughout the day. During our DC trip, we did eat at a fancy restaurant, everybody was talking about Miss Shirley’s so we went there and it didn’t disappoint. Something to mark the trip but right after I was at Aldi, picking groceries for the rest of the week.

Single moms tips: 4 Ways to Save Money on your Family Vacation

Not only I got to save money, I was also able to keep my family on our healthy eating track by picking out fresh fruits and vegetable at the grocery store. We couldn’t keep eating Monkey bread, that chocolate sauce was delicious but I’m guessing not so nice on the hip!

When visiting a new place I believe you should taste their food. And when on vacation I also believe you should have at least one fancy dinner to remember.

When we went to Disney the first time, I made plans for a character dinner and cook in my room the rest of the time. My kids still talk about that night! 

Single moms tips: 4 Ways to Save Money on your Family Vacation

3. Pick hotel that serves at least one meal

That will help with number one!
You can’t beat free! or free with purchase LOL. 

We stayed at the Homewood Suites in Maryland, they serve a full on deck hot breakfast with a variety of fruits and yogurts. We were there for a whole week and didn’t get bored with the food.

On top of that, they served an afternoon collation which can be enough for dinner if you had a big lunch.

4. Pick a hotel suite with kitchenette and fridge

Our Homewood Suites had two stove tops and a full-size fridge. I hit the nearest Aldi and we barely spend anything on Food. We went to a place that was recommended by the locals once, just because.

Single moms tips: 4 Ways to Save Money on your Family Vacation

As much as I am against doing work on vacation, I’ll advocate for this. I didn’t dread making lunch not one bit. It was actually kinda fun.
I had a full fridge and two stove tops, I make tacos, spaghetti, one night we had crab cakes. My kids loved the crab cake we had at Miss Shirley’s so much, I picked up some frozen ones at Aldi. I don’t think they could tell the difference.

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  1. I totally agree.. As a mother of three these work for me, perfectly. I vacay like I was rich :))… Thanks Lyne. I'll apply your 4 ways again next year.

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