Creating Summer Memories with Carvel Ice Cream Cookie Cake

Carvel Ice Cream Cookie Cake

This post is a  sponsored by Carvel Ice Cream, all opinions are, of course, my own. 

Have you ever tried an ice cream and thought “this is too good to be real.” I tried the new Carvel cookie ice cream and immediately thought of heaven, seriously! Like this is the kind of stuff Jesus is going to have in heaven!

My kids are going back to school in exactly two weeks and I can’t deal. Just the thought of being assaulted by my morning alarm give me the jibbies. Since this is our last week of summer fun and freedom, I decided to do something nice for the girls, something that they will always remember.

The crunchies are everything!

Carvel Ice Cream Cookie Cake

We spend the day at the beach, we had lunch and dinners at the beach then followed our epic day with a treat.

Carvel Ice Cream Cookie Cake

What’s better than chocolate chip cookie? What’s better than ice cream?
I’ll tell you it’s Two giant chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream sandwich in between, covered with famous Carvel crunchies.

Carvel Ice Cream Cookie Cake

This cookie cake ice cream is soooo delicious, there are no words except for “hmmm”, “yum”, “sooo good”! 

You get the soft and creamy ice cream texture mixed with the chocolate chip cookie and the crunch to top it all off. Just saying “it’s delicious” doesn’t do it justice. You have to taste for yourself.

We went live on facebook for the shenanigans…it was pure hilarity!

Carvel Ice Cream is so easy to find, we got ours at Publix but I’ve seen them at Walmart, Winn-dixie etc…

You can also check out their Facebook page or Twitter for even more delicious treat ideas.

I buy Carvel Ice cream for birthdays, special occasion, or just because occasion like “summer is ending”. 

Nothing forge memories better than yummy treats. It is my hope that my kids will always remember the beautiful summer day at the beach that ended with Yummy Carvel Cookie Cakes.  

Carvel Ice Cream Cookie Cake

Have you tried Carvel Cookie Cakes before? Will be you trying out the new one with the two giant chocolate chip cookie stuffed with vanilla ice cream?

What will the be the occasion? I want details! Let me know in the comments.

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