4 ways to encourage your kids to read more this summer

4 ways to encourage your kids to read more this summer

1. Show them the money

I started a fun little game with my kids this summer. For every book they read and write a report/summary of, they get $2. My kids don’t get a lot of opportunities to earn money because I don’t pay for chores or anything done around the house, I don’t give allowance either.

Since I am teaching them finances also this summer, it would work better if they were earning real money.

This trick kills two birds. I get them to read and I teach them the principle of earning and spending. The value of a dollar, banking transactions, and whatnots!

4 ways to encourage your kids to read more this summer
After I paid my oldest a ten dollar check for the 5 books she read, I took her to the bank where she went through the process of depositing her money. Then we went to the dollar tree for some craft items… Usually going to the dollar is filled with mommy can I have this or that? it’s only a dollar!

But when homegirl was the one swiping her very own debit card, she was real careful to pick only the things she really needed because she knew she only had $10 and didn’t want the account to go to zero.

This is one of my favorites! win-win!

2.Get them books related to a story they already know

My kids are really excited about the new Disney Descendant movie coming out, I got them the Isle of the Lost series. They are really enjoying finding all deets before the movie comes out. 

They feel super special, knowing things ahead of times.

They did the same for the Diary of a wimpy kid the long Haul movie.

4 ways to encourage your kids to read more this summer

3.Ask them to read something out loud for you because you’re busy

I started this whole thing because one of my kids is just not a fan of reading, she won’t be devouring a book cover to cover like her sister. I make sure she gets some reading done first thing in the morning.

Every morning I have her read my devotional to me. I tell her my eyes haven’t adjusted yet, or I’m running outta time. Always works!
It makes them feel important and needed. my little one loves to help!

I get her to read recipes out loud, read things to me while I’m driving. As long as she feels like she helping she doesn’t mind.

4.Keep books in the car and encourage them to read when waiting

4 ways to encourage your kids to read more this summer

I keep a stack of books in the car, while I’m driving instead of playing games on my phone I encourage them to read a book.
We even have a game, if they ask to play on my phone they gotta read a page if they say I’m bored they gotta read.

And better yet it’s a perfect time to finish a book to collect their money!

How are you encouraging your kids to read this summer?

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