Fun un-school activities for kids to do in the Summer

activities for kids to do in the Summer

Happy First day of Summer! Today is the Summer Solstice but we’ve knee-deep in our summer break for a minute. We just got back from our DC trip we had tons of fun.

Now that we are back home we have to keep having fun and 

My kids don’t go to Summer Camp, except for one-week church camp they have coming up. 

Camp is way too expensive. 

In Lieu, we are having Camp at Home

Summer fun with a twist:un-school activities  

Encourage them to read with a “Summer Reading Program”

My kids earn two dollars for every book they read and write a report on it, telling me what the book was all about, what they like about it, funny lines and so on.
I started this little incentive program because one of my girls just does not like to read. Although I think She’s only saying she doesn’t like to read because her sister loves to read… (They run polar opposite of each other) 

She wrote a report stated 50 reasons why she shouldn’t read, it was quite hilarious. I told her I’ll give her one reason she can’t refuse and we made a deal.

activities for kids to do in the Summer

Now homegirl is reading non-stop so she can cash in! 

Teach them about money and banking

Yesterday I gave my oldest a check for ten dollars. Her payout from the reading program, she’s already read five books. I had to pay up. I took her to the bank where she deposited her own money all by herself.
Last year I let them open bank accounts. She completed the transaction from start to finish without my help. She was so proud and excited. Now, little can’t wait to get her payout so she can go to the bank.

Sidenote: After the bank, we stopped by Dollar Tree for some crafting material and she was going to pay with her debit card. The whole money doesn’t grow on debit card lesson click so fast. She needed 5 things and stick to it. She touched several items and put them back because she doesn’t want to waste her money.

Brush the dirt off my shoulder: Mission Accomplish!

Teach them to care for their bodies

A lot of us grown-up are having issues staying in shape and healthy simply because we never learn how to do it. We know we’re supposed to work out and eat healthy but if it was never part of our lifestyle it’s hard to get into it. I’m getting my kids in the habit of working out, picking the right stuff at the grocery store, drinking water… etc

So far we are having a blast with our at home camp, the girls are learning new things. It is such a joy watching their little mind expand!

What are you doing for the summer?

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