The days are long, the years are uber short – Happy Mother’s day

If you talk to any mother… The ones you just met at the park, the older ones from church and even the ones closest to you one conversation you will always turn to is “how fast the kids are growing”!

The years seems to be flying by, one minute you’re holding a fragile little baby… the next you are having a serious conversation with another little human almost as tall as you calling you MOMMY.

The days are long. Somedays it feels like they have been awake for 3 days straight and driving me crazy.
Somedays bedtime can’t come soon enough. I can’t wait for 8PM to roll in so I send them to bed so I can have that precious “me time”.

I’m grateful for bedtime and “Me time”, but I love the “long days” how they bug me, how they always want to talk to me, how they run to me for one extra hug, I love how smart and witty they are.

I can honestly say not having any time for myself may be the best thing that ever happens to me, because I know the time I don’t get for myself is being invested in the making of two beautiful human being.

Beautiful human being full of love and compassion, smart and witty, funny and goofy…

Human beings the world is beyond lucky to have!

It may seem cliche but the awe feeling of watching my girls grow will never get old. 

I’m amazed every single day that I’m their mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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