I spotted my first gray hair and It freaked me out!

While washing my face the other day, I spotted something that I originally thought was a piece of lent or dog hair or doll hair or carpet fiber (which I have picked out of my hair at some point) or anything else…

I fidgeted with it trying to take the thing off the side of my head but it wouldn’t come off. I finally singled it out and try to pull that’s when I realize that the piece of foreign object on the side of my head wasn’t foreign at all it was a GRAY hair!

A GRAY HAIR y’all!

Technically my intellectual mind shouldn’t have been surprise because I’m closer to my forties than I am to my thirties, I can see 40 through the windows, 40 and I are practically neighbors, just waiting to move in.

My younger brother who’s a whole six years younger than me, is completely gray, most my of my friends my age are getting gray hair. So I don’t why I was surprise but I was.

I was overcome with emotion, like crap! I’m getting old.

With this sudden realization, make me think of my accomplishment, what have I been doing in the past 3 decades of life?

Have I been all God created me to be?
Am I living in my purpose?
Am I pursuing my dreams?
What are my dreams and purpose?

So many questions flooded my mind, then tears flooded my eyes because I didn’t know the answer to some of my questions.

After I had my freaked out break, I pull my journal out and set on a journey to find the answer to the many questions clouding my mind.

I don’t know but I will find out! They say the journey is half the fun so we’ll see…
I will embrace my growing up milestone gray hair and knee pain and all.

Because growing up may be scary,  but growing up is also beautiful.

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