25 ways to help you create the life you want

  1. Ask yourself what exactly do you want?
  2. Why do you do what you?
  3. How bad do you want what you want?
  4. Dream it, write it, and make it happen!
  5. Find what you are passionate about and your purpose will follow.
  6. Your purpose will hide behind hard work, don’t be afraid to get dirty.
  7. Don’t ever, ever settle! Don’t lower your standard to make others comfortable!
  8. It’s lonely at the top, but don’t fret. It’s only a season.
  9. Be honest about what you really want
  10. Don’t look at your past, focus on what’s ahead
  11. Do not give others permission to project their own insecurity on you. Consider the source.
  12. No one has the right or the ability to tell what you can or can not do.
  13. Be careful who you share your dream with… Some may be dream killers.
  14. Build a tribe of people who want to see you succeed. It may be small but so worth it.
  15. Don’t cry over mistakes and faux-pas, they are all part of the learning curve. 
  16. Never waste a lesson!
  17. It’s your life, you are allowed to make alteration until it fits.
  18. Watch your mouth, because your life follows your words. #SpeakLife!
  19.  Your best days are still ahead, keep moving forward.
  20. The cream will rise to the top, keep perfecting your craft!
  21. Know your worth! Don’t be afraid to negotiate you’re worth! You are not on SALE!
  22. Stay in your lane! Bloom where you’re planted! 
  23. Take care of yourself! self-care y’all!
  24. Learn how to say NO. 
  25. Be honest with yourself, don’t play pretend with yourself!

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