Spinach and Sweet Peppers Chicken Pene Dinners

My children are going through a phase I call the pasta phase. They don’t want to eat anything else that isn’t some kinda pasta! Oh and tacos.

Which leaves me in a positions to always trying to reinvent dinners, hiding veggies, add colors, transform leftovers! I’ve become a food magician.

This spinach and sweet pepper chicken Pene was by far the easiest one. It just came together so effortlessly. 

I used 
1 bag of spinach, 
1 sweet onion, 
3 sweet peppers (red, yellow and green) they add color and personality to the dish.

Leftover crock-pot chicken, after I chopped it It was about 2 cups

3 – 4 spoons of spaghetti sauce

I used my usual spices, salt & pepper… I’ve been trying to lay off the garlic some. 

And we have a meal!

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