Creating healthy habits in kids – Exercise as a family

Over the summer, I started to taking my girls running with me as a fun way to spend our mornings since they didn’t go to camp this year.
It brings back so many memories of when I was a kid, all our friend in the neighborhood, we use to go for run early in the morning. It use to be so much fun! 

Although it used to be more about hanging out than exercising, nevertheless the habit stayed with me. 

And this is something I want my kids to have! 

Yes, they have PE at school but it is important to create the habit at home. A lot of us use to be very active in high school but once we grow up we kinda forgot how to work out. 

Instilling the habit in them while they are young with a bit of fun, will help them grow as people who like to work out (maybe, hopefully, cross all fingers). 

Children are sponges, they absorb whatever behavior they are exposed to. Exercising is one habits I’m really hoping they get a whole of as the grow up.

There are plenty of exercises you kid may enjoy: Online Yoga, you can do at home.

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A run at the park, ride your bike a family… It’s a fun way to spend time together as well as getting your exercise.

How you create healthy habits in your kids? Share your tips and tricks with me in the comments.

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