Creating healthy habits in kids – Eating and snacking

Children learn by example, a lesson I just learn the meaning of. I was watching my girls play all kinda pretends games. They went from starting businesses, opening stores, serving customers.  They played going shopping with their dolls. Talking to their kids dolls about spending money, some of the dolls even got  grounded for spending too much money, they got lectured about the value of a dollar, things they shouldn’t spend money on and so on. 

It was fun to watch, I was also presently please to see how much they’ve learned about things I haven’t even teach them yet.

It was a great reminder to me, they are always watching and learning! Which got me thinking, this technique can be used to teach other things, like:

Creating healthy eating habits!

A lot of us struggle to eat healthy, mainly because:

  • We don’t know how. 
  • We’re not use to doing it
  • Our taste bud don’t call for it

What if you had started as a kid? and all you know is eating healthy? What if your taste bud will automatically crave healthy fruits and veggies instead of honey buns?

What I’m doing

Putting the snacks out, if they see it, they’ll eat it! I tested this theory out… My kids had never eat celery before but I tried laying it out with peanut butter. The devour it!

Introduce diversity. Then try, and try AGAIN!

Hopefully little by little we can create healthy habits in the new generation.

How do you encourage healthy habits in your children?

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