Protect your Joy and your Peace!

We’ve been having a hard few days as a nation. To say that it’s been rough is an understatement…
Senseless killings, injustice, hatred, every breath I take I’m crying Come Jesus come.
When you’re hurting, you kinda expect your friends and family to be there for you, help you, at least empathize with your pain. 

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the case. So with all of this going on, consuming all these negativity and pain can easily cause you to lose your Joy and peace, give in to fear, slump into depression…

but we can’t!

Also, we are fighting against flesh and blood, this is also a spiritual war and need to be treated as such.

We have to protect our JOY! 
We have to protect our PEACE!

The Bible say : “The joy of the Lord is our strength” if we lose our joy then we lose our strength, if we lose our strength we can’t fight for change.

“Perfect love cast out all fear” the reverse can also be true if we allow it. We can’t let fear take over or slump into the depression.

Today I encourage you, my friends, to step away from the news, step away from the videos. 

Instead, read a fun fiction book, listen to some music and dance!
Take your family out, and enjoy each other.

I’m not saying to be idle and be quiet, I’m saying to take care of yourself! You can’t pour from an empty cup, can’t help anyone if you’re burned out.

Sending warm HUGS!

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