Swiss Chard Creamy Chicken Pasta – Step by step recipe

This is becoming one of my girls’ favorite thing to eat and my favorite way to make them eat their greens

These swiss chard are from my garden, I grew them from my tower garden. 

Starting with cut up chicken, season to taste. This line up is what I used, Onions, Garlic, seasoned salt, fresh ground pepper, and a hint of Jerk seasonings.

Adding two tablespoon of cooking oil, I used olive oil.

I let the chicken cook until golden brown

Adding the chopped Swiss Chard

I usually don’t use Ragu, but I ran out of heavy cream, I use this jar of Ragu to add the creamy factor

You could probably stop here and eat chicken and greens!

Lastly, add the noodles. I’m using a quinoa noodles I got from Trader Joe’s

Mix and serve!

You can switch out the chicken for shrimp or go meatless it is still delicious! You can also use spinach if you don’t have swiss chard growing in your back yard LOL.

This is a super quick and easy dish to do, so you can get back to having fun on your summer days.

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