15 outdoor Summer Things-to-do for South Florida parents

Ready or not here I come! SUMMER IS HERE!

I just came to the realization that my kids have exactly 3 days of school left. This morning as I was rejoicing in my thought that in 3 more days I get to finish my sleep, in 3 more days I won’t get assaulted by the sound of pesky alarms. 

Then it hits me, THREE MORE DAYS! 3 more days I’m going to have them home with me all day, every day!
We’re talking camps, but it’s not decided, in the meantime I’m making a list of things to do with my kids that may help you too!

15 outdoor things to do

  1. Visit an animal habitat 
  2. Go on a nature walk
  3. Take an impromptu road trip to the beach
  4. Head over to a park away from your neighborhood
  5. Plant a flower garden
  6. Visit a farm to pick strawberries or whatnot
  7. Visit a museum’s
  8. Visit a different library
  9. SprayGrounds & Splash Fountains
  10. go to an outdoor concert
  11. Go to a food truck invasion
  12. Go to a drive-in movie
  13. or movie in the park
  14. Hold a family jump rope and/or hopscotch competition
  15. Chalk art – Step outside and let the floor be the canvas

What are your plans for summer? Want to share a fun summer activity with me? Traveling? camping? staycationing?

Dish out in the comments or FB or twitter… whatever let’s just chat!

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