Fried Haitian Meatballs Recipe

haitian fried meatballs
haitian fried meatballs

haitian fried meatballs

haitian fried meatballs

haitian fried meatballs

haitian fried meatballs

I’ve been trying to learn more about Haitian food. I grew up in Haiti, and yes, I know how to make a few things but it’s always a hit or miss. Simply because Haitian people don’t use cookbooks or recipes, cooking Haitian food is a messy art. 
Throw things in until it tastes “right”! 

It’s a scary process, but I know the basic I figure if I test it out until I get it right so I can write them down for my girls. One day, they gonna want to share their heritage with their own kids, at least they’ll have food. I hope.

In my crazy endeavor, I choose to tackle the Fried Haitian Meatballs Recipe!

It’s not that different from regular Haitian meatballs except it’s fried and dry. No sauce.

These came out pretty good if you’re brave enough to try here’s what you’ll need.

Caribean food is all about flavor so herbs and spices are essentials.
A good Haitian spice contains the following ingredients

  • Chive
  • Green onions
  • Sweet onions
  • Garlic
  • Sweet pepper
  • Fresh parsley
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • All-purpose flour

if you’re a chopper and able to fine-chop, then hop to it. the little pieces of different colors look great in the meat. I went the lazy way to use a food processor to mixed mine. My Haitian mom would have a standard wooden Haitian mortar and pestle, But you can do it however you can. Chopped, processor, blender, mortar and pestle…

What you do

Mix in the spices with the meat and start making balls. I use an Icecream scoop to form my meatballs.

Gently roll the meatball in the flour then fry it up! Side it up with a side of rice and beans, and that’s how you make Fried Haitian Meatballs.

Let me know if you tried, how did it turn out?


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