Spring cleaning essentials for indoor cleaning

It is that time of year again and I love spring! Mostly for the fashion but I love Spring! Spring is the perfect time to get your house cleaned and organized! It always feels so good to have a clean house and getting it done in the spring helps you to enjoy this beautiful time a bit better. As you are cleaning your house in the exterior, you are also cleaning your mind and heart on the inside. A clean house helps you think better, work faster and enjoy being home a bit more.

I got to admit cleaning is not my cup of tea. I don’t like cleaning but I do love a clean house. I have tricks I use to help make my task a bit more bearable.

I like to start outside, on my patio because it’s easier. I can take a hose to it and pressure wash everything outside. My patio leads to the entrance of the house so it’s also a great idea to do it first.

You can start in any room you want!  Some people like to start in a room they think will be easier and some like to get the tougher ones out of the way first!  Whichever makes it easier for you. I love to listen to my music on and light a scented candle! A good smelling room just give me  a boost of encouragement.

Anyway, here are a few essential things I think you will need!

I’m kind of a newbie spring cleaner, this is something I started doing just a few years ago to get myself out of my hoarding tendency and it is really paying off. 

Having the right tools at your disposable do make things a bit easier, you can find your cleaning supplies, anywhere even at the dollar tree, but I’ve included links *affiliates* to amazon if you’d prefer to skip the hassle of leaving the house. 🙂

Do you spring clean? Do you like it? what are your motivations?

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