When the opportunity to be grateful presents itself… How do you respond?

When you make the decision to be grateful, or to operate in more gratitude trust and believe you going to get a LOT of opportunities to practice. In my last post I share about How to remain GRATEFUL when bad things happened boy little did I know I was gonna get a whole day to practice.

First of all, daylight saving! Added to the fact that my kids have been taking turn getting sick, first it was my oldest, then my youngest then rinse repeat! 

And the cherry on top, two hours on the phone with Comcast reps over billing issues to no avail. You can imagine I was feeling less patient and grateful and more like the Hulk man!

Nevertheless, gratitude is not something we do when we feel like it or when all the stars are aligned in our favor. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a daily thing, it’s a conscious effort to focus on the good stuff.

Besides, if it was easy, we wouldn’t even need to talk about it, it would be an automatic reaction. Unfortunately, when you need positive results it is going to require, planting, watering, de-weeding bad thoughts and running away from our automatics reactions.

So today once again I invite you to come be grateful with me, I’m still working on my list but acknowledgment is half the battle. We carry each other to the next stop because that’s what sisters do!

Silent HUGS!

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