5 Easy Cheap Fun Spring Break Activities for Elementary Age Kids

Spring is here in the same week as Easter. I’m a working mama now, so no Disney or road trip for us this spring break, we are staycationing instead! 

The girls are off school, I took a few days off to hang with them and we are having a blast. You can still have fun without going on vacation, your own home area can be a mine gold.

Here are a few things we doing in our Spring break this week.

Camping in the living room

My girls love camping in our living room, I have never been on a real camping trip with them but they are always talking about. I thought a feel of camping could appease the urge until I can muster the courage to actually do it.

We light the fire pit outside, cook s’mores and weeny on a stick then we make our bed on the living room floor and watch movies. 

My little one says and I quote  “This is the best day of my life! this is the funest day ever”

Mommy win! I didn’t have to spend a loot and the fun level is through the roof.

Trips to a different library.

Kids love different! We go to our local library every Saturday so it’s not as much of a hoot anymore, but when we go to another one we are not used to, it’s like a trip to space. We had a blast! Just like their mama, they are little nerds we get excited over libraries LOL

Visit a different park

What I just said they love different, instead of going to our closest park, we went to another one by the intercoastal. We had a little picnic there, we eat our lunch in the sun. As you can see it was eyes closing delicious!

Visit a conservatory

If you have that kinda thing, it a great place to visit. We went to a butterfly conservatory and the girls really enjoy it, well one of them did my oldest was interested in the science of it all but she freaks out when the butterfly fly around her LOL. 

So did I! 
They tickle when they lay on you LOL

We even got a kit to go, so in a few days, we should have butterflies.

We are having a blast just hanging out in our neighborhoods. What are you doing for spring break?

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