4 Free and Fun Outdoors Activities For Florida Families to Do Over Spring Break

This year we have had an exceptionally hot spring, this is South Florida you never know what you going get with the weather. Last year around the same time we had a birthday party at the park for my little girl and the temperature dropped so fast we had to send all the kids home. South Florida kids are not usually dressed for temperature drops. 

This year has been different, we are using this spring break to get some well needed outdoor fun in before it start raining every day or gets too hot.
Outdoor activities are fun and easy and most of the time FREE! 
Here are some of the ones we did!
Visit an animal habitat 
Last week we visit a butterfly conservatory, the girls had so much fun. They spend so much time studying the caterpillar/butterfly they’ve adopted it gave me an idea. Find more animal habitats for them to study! I found this awesome Manatee lagoon and it was a complete win. 
It was free, we got to spend time learning and we enjoy the beautiful water view. We spotted some barracudas, stingrays, swordfish, and of course, the beloved gentle giants manatee.

Take an impromptu road trip to the beach

It’s hot but not hot enough for a beach day, the water is still pretty chill at least for our South Floridian trained bodies. 
Instead of planning a beach trip, we took a spontaneous one. While driving around, we stopped by the beach, something about the spontaneity of it and playing in the water fully clothe makes it twice the fun.

Head over to a park away from your neighborhood

Kids like different, shoot I like different! We went to another park it was smaller, with way less things to do than our regular ones and the girls acted like it was a trip to heaven. 

I guess it was a combine of the drive and the newness of it.

Plant a vegetable garden

If all else fail, or you’re not in the mood to go anywhere you can always plant a vegetable garden.

PS: Wondering why there’s a pink princess chair in there? our lovely dog Petey think it’s a cool spot to dig, the chair is acting as a barrier.

What are some fun outdoors things you do in warm weather?

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  1. This looks like fun! I'm not in Florida, but some of your ideas still apply. I think this might be a good year for us to plant a garden. I have an almost preschooler who might get a kick out of it. Thanks for sharing this! -Sarah from tenbooksamonth.com

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