Slow Cooker Barbecue Meatball Recipe

Hi girls,
I have been reinventing left over since thanksgiving! We always cook way too much and end up with tons of leftovers relying on creativity to re-make dinner.

Well! it’s all over now, my leftover creativity is all spent, I ready to go back to simplicity.

A simple old-fashion barbecue meatball in the crock pot.

All you need is meat! I’m using ground pork, I can hear my inner voice judging me and telling me how turkey would be so much healthier Wha Wha Wha!

I’m so over turkey.

I’m using fresh garlic, season salt and pepper nothing fancy

I mixed the spices in, nice and easy. I use a spoon to form my meatballs, you can use an ice cream scoop for prettier meatballs, I was being lazy!

After scooping them on the cooking tray, I cook them for 40 until brown, then I transfer them into the crock pot to simmer in the yummy barbecue sauce.

I improvised on the sauce, I was trying to replicate something I ate at Type-a conference from memory. 

I was doing the add-taste-stir-add routine so I don’t remember what went in the sauce, next time I make it I will take not to share.

It was delicious by the way, it sound like a lot but the whole prepping took less than 20 minutes. 

We ate them over white rice and steam broccoli. 

It was so delicious, we just gobble it all down and I forgot to take final pictures #facepalm

I have a feeling I will be making this again soon! 

How is your post holiday cooking?

What’s on your menu?