#Grateful – Set the tone for Greatness

Hello girls,

Happy New year! Happy first Monday of the year!

I hope that you all had a great holiday and enter the new year energize and ready to take on 2016!

My two words this year are Grateful and Expecting!

I bringing in the same grateful heart I’ve been cultivating in 2015 into 2016, even more so. In 2015, I was grateful for things I got because I wasn’t expecting for things to turn out so well for me. I started last year a little bleak… Not sure what to expect but God blew my mind away!

So I was grateful, this year I’m graduating in gratefulness! I will be grateful on purpose. 
With my new found boldness, I also stand expecting. 

I heard someone say one time that “the atmosphere of expectancy is breeding ground for miracle”, and another one said a “grateful heart is magnet for miracle”

If I put my two words together with these sayings it would be MIRACLE!

I’m in for a year of miracles, every day I expect abundance from everywhere in everything!

I’m so giddy excited, I can barely contain myself. 

I want you all to get on this ride with me, cheering each other up and encouraging each other.

It’s going to be a fun year full of awesomeness!

Who’s with me? Take your vote of accountability in the comments!