Things to know when Planning a Disney trip this Christmas

There is nothing more magical than Christmas time at Disney world, the whole place is lit up!

Disney is already magic, but at christmas ooh-la-la!

If you’re going for the first time, it might be a good idea to stay at one of the a Disney resorts for full effects.

My family and I are pass holders and we live less than 3 hours away, we kinda go a lot. 

Each trips doesn’t warrant a full vacation budget so we came up with a few hacks to save money and make things easier.

Choosing a hotel
If you’re not staying on the property…. Anything on Lake buena vista street, is good. Even if the hotel is a little further away from the magic don’t fret most of them provide free shuttle transportation.

Do look for a hotel who provide shuttle to Disney throughout the day, some only have 2 to 3 trips that leave super early and come back before you can watch night time fireworks.

Either way it is a good amneties to have, save you a few bucks on parking.

 Pack snacks and water
I usually bring a set of cold and frozen water to last through the day and enough snack. 

This trick is good not only to save money but to also save time. No need to miss out of your fravorite character in the hunt of un-important things like snacks right?
Pack your own and get more fun time!

Use the Disney app
You have got to download the disney app to plan your day with fast past.
You can pick the 3 most important things you want to do so you can skip the line. 
You can then use the app to find short wait time event nearbyto fill up the day. You can book a character breakfast or dinner on the Disney app, there’s several places you can compare. 

Use the app to get around, once on the property and log unto the wifi, you can get step by step GPS tracking. Like that you don’t waste your time getting lost looking for cinderella.

Last but not least
Plan one day for a night time spectacular, the fireworks are awesome!