4 Things I’m doing to Ring in The New Year and you Should too

Can you believe The new year is a day away?
I know it’s totally cliche but this year flew by so fast I feel like we just ring in last year.
Anyway, the new year is rolling in, ready or not. I would like to be ready, one of my goals this year is to be organized, and everyone who knows me, organizing is not my forte.  I have been creating some life hacks to help me trick myself into being organize.

Which is why I’m doing these things this year. In Haiti, people would do all these ritual to ring in the new year, organize papers, wash clothes, dishes even the pretty china stuff no one EVER used! 
The idea was to not bring any old juju into the new year LOL because old juju is bad for you.

Old people will come up with anything to make kids clean I tell ya. 
Either way, I’m adopting this new thing this year.

Starting with:

The pile of mails

Between junk mail, real mail and coupons, I get buried on a daily basis. I have gotten most my bills out to automatic bill pay but I still need to get rid of this mess here.

This stuff plagued my life, I keep putting them away as they might be important and the pile kept growing and growing. Before the year roll in, I want to clean, shred and start the new fresh. I also want to commit myself to taking care of the mails as soon as I got them in the new year.

Cleaning the house

I’m going to “grandma clean” like wall washing, industrial dusting, and most importantly clear clutter!

I’m starting with the girls room, and clearing their closet. They did a lot of growing this year and outgrew most of their toys and clothing.

 I have a lot going to the giveaway pile, some to my cash pile and some throw aways. 

The girls were lucky enough to have my brother here for the holidays, they actually got their room painted. Which is a whole step further than wall washing.

Get rid of junks

This is the hardest one for me since I’m sort of a “collector” LOL I am always keeping knick knack and memories or feel guilty trashing stuff that I paid good money for which get in the way of my organizations.
but I have found a fun way to motivate me to get rid of the clutter.

I’m turning my clutter into cash! I will share the “Hows” with you all in another post.

Service your car

Four years ago on Christmas eve, my car broke down right before Christmas eve service. It was not a great feeling. It was a simple thing that could have been avoided with normal servicing. The guys at the car shop told to mark it in my calendar to do every year. I just got my oils and filter changed, and my tires rotated. 

I like to step in the new year, with my car running smooth and also get it off my budget.

What are you doing to ring in the new year?