The secret to magical road trip is GREAT snack #CVSFallFun

Everything in this post was given to me for free by my friends @CVS all opinion are of course all mine

Hola chicas, Como Esta mi lindas?

You can always tell I came from hanging with my chicas, I’m still on my Spanish high. Did you guys know I use to be able to speak latin? Well you can’t speak a dead language but I could read and translate latin At least I used to… #random!

I don’t where that came from but I’ve been on the road a lot and I’m a bit delirious. Remember when I talk about ways to make road trip more fun and enjoyable?

The number one thing I pointed out was snacks.

Get. your. snack. life.

You can not go on a road trip without snacks. Good snacks, amazing snack, yummy snacks, healthy snacks…
Snack that make you act human on a road trip!

Snack like these!

Well, this weekend I got all my life in snacks! I got snack palooza, my friends came all the from Canada to spend my birthday with me, so you know there were shenanigans, not the “usual” shenanigans (we’re grown up with kids and all) but still shenanigans! 

We were traveling with two sets of kids God knows we needed bribes, we needed to keep their mouths occupy with good stuff.

Stuff like sweet kettle corn, and sweet potatoes tortilla chips, fruits cube… wait I kept those. BWahahahahaha

I’m a great mom (if I do say so myself), I love my kids beyond words, I said no to epidural (that was dumb) I pass of the percoset, (PERCOSET people!) so I can nurse them, I grow them organic garden, I packed them hot lunches and go to great length to give them everything.

BUT I draw the line at my fruit cube and gummies.

Judge me if you wanna, I hide the gummies from my kids and I ain’t ashamed of it. And from my market research aka Instagram post, I was told this is what respectable mothers do. 

So I do, I do hide the gummies and fruit cube from my kids and do the evil laugh when I eat them. I’m my defense, I hide them. You can’t miss what you didn’t have in the first place.

Because I did so, we all had a great time, celebrating and having fun the drive was a breeze.

The best part of it, all our snack are CVS Gold Emblem Brand Products. Which mean we weren’t just stuffing our face to past time until we get there. We were actually packing in awesome fiber and protein totally gluten free.

The next best part you can also enjoy all these yummy goodness from you local CVS store… I’m talking about Heavenly light popcorn kettle corn, Superfruit Baobab Bites, dark chocolate peanut butter single snack bar, Probiotic Hearty Harvest trail mix, all time favorite Fruit cubes just to name a few.

Planning any road trips for the upcoming season?

What kind of snack do you include in your road trip?

Ever tried the CVS Gold Emblem Brand Products?