Subway New Carver Melts Chicken and turkey Sandwich #SubwayTasteAndTell

This post has been compensated by Subway. All opinions are mine alone. #SubwayTasteAndTell #sponsored

Subway and I have been in a long term relationship, dated back when I was a starving college student. My girlfriend and I use to split a footlong after class before I head to my little part time job.
I’ve eaten my fair share of subway goodness. Even now that I can afford my own footlong, I had always been a spicy Italian kinda gal.

When I was invited to the exclusive tasting of the new Subway carver melt chicken and Turkey sandwich I was a bit apprehensive. I didn’t know if I was going to like it.

Until I saw this!

Thick and tenderly carved home-style turkey on Italian bread, with cranberry mustard sauce, aged sharp Cheddar cheese, baby spinach, red onions, and tomatoes! 
This combo tasted so good, like the kind of food Jesus have in heaven next to the chocolate chip cookies.

I got to try both sandwiches, the chicken one was even more heavenly.
Savory hand-pulled, tender all white meat rotisserie-style chicken on Italian bread, with savory Caesar dressing, aged Provolone cheese, baby spinach, red onions, and tomatoes

The caesar dressing was so creamy and delicious, you just have to taste to see. 

Both sandwiches tasted and felt homey. Like something you would make in your kitchen, the hand pulled chicken looks like something I’d pack for the girls’ lunch, generous amount of meat to boost their protein intake.

Both FOOTLONGS generously feature 6 ounces of thick savory slices of meat. There are no artificial colors or flavors. The Carver Melts Collection is available for online ordering. 
Create your own version of Carved Turkey or Rotisserie-Style Chicken, I added jalapenos in mine, Muy Caliente! 
Besides, it wouldn’t be SUBWAY® if you couldn’t get it made the way you say.

Are you going to try these new sandwiches at Subway?