Let’s talk about money – Women and Money

I was at a financial education seminar a few weeks ago, I learn some statistics about women and money.
statistically, you’ll find 7 out of 10 women between the age of 60-80 lives below the poverty level.

I cringe when I heard it, I couldn’t imagine having to struggle for money when I’m 80. Unfortunately, this is the reality for so many women living in America. 

Another stat says 9 out 10 women will be the sole provider at some point of time. 

This is more frequent because it can happen for a number of reasons. One spouse lost their job, death in the family, divorce or any unforeseen life circumstances.

I have been one of the 9 for the past 5 years, it can happen so fast you won’t know what hit you.

It pays to be prepared! it pays to be informed.

I’m glad mine happen kinda early in life… Gives some time to learn from the experience recoup and make sure this never happened to me or my girls ever again!


You do not want to get caught in a major life altering events buried in debts. We live in an economy backed by debts, so we all have them. However, you should always know who you owe, how much you owe, what are your liens and collateral.

Have an active plan in place to pay back your creditors. 


Financially independent people have investments. They have money working for them. 

You should too!
I’m not talking about mutual funds and CDs, I’m talking about stocks, real estate, small businesses.

Multiple streams of income

Financially independent people have multiple streams of income. Even if you work a job, make sure to always have a side hustle. It could be baking for people in the weekend, it could be selling your craft at a flea market, a blog or website, selling stuff on eBay, amazon, Etsy… 

Even it’s a hobby, always have some side service or product you can profit from.

Read, read, read! 

Most of us didn’t grow up under sound financial teaching, it is your job to educate yourself.
Here are a few of my favorite Women and money books.

What are your smart money tips and tricks?

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