30 things I’m grateful for – Practice gratitude for healthy living

1. I’m grateful for life
I just celebrated a birthday, it sure is good to be alive and well.

2. I’m grateful for health
Man, I had a sore throat and couldn’t swallow, I never realise how many time a day I swallow until it started to remind me of the pain.

3. I’m grateful my bills are paid
Can I just get an AMEN!

4. I’m grateful my kids are healthy
They are loud and obnoxious but thank God for that. Nothing like watching them unable to play because they are not feeling good to remind you that the loud and obnoxious is the best sound in the world

5. I’m grateful for my home
I don’t care where I go, I’m always happy just to stand in my own bathroom.

6. I’m grateful for food in my fridge
It’s thanksgiving season, my church every year does a campaign where they give out a certain amount of dinners to family in need. I’m talking about our members, not homeless outreach. it always amazed me how many people right here in the same pews can’t even afford dinners. You would never be able to tell because they look nice every week and smile right at you.

7. I’m grateful for my family
Thank God for my family! Especially my mom… 

8. I’m grateful for my friends
I’ve been blessed with the best of friends. I don’t have a lot but the few I have, are gems!

9. I’m grateful for safety and security
With what is happening in the world nowadays… LawdaMercy!

10. I’m grateful for my car/transportation

11. I’m grateful for laughter
This may be small, but laughing was something I thought I’d never be able to do again. To be able to laugh carelessly these past few year is nothing short of a miracle and for that I’m grateful.

12. I’m grateful for the ability to read
Reading is one of my favorites things to do, I’m glad I can!

13. I’m grateful for fresh air

14. I’m grateful that I’m able to learn from my mistakes

15. I’m grateful for my furry friends
After my separation, one of my girls went into freeze mode. She didn’t talk, she didn’t smile, she barely play. She was so little she didn’t know how to react to the void and pain. Until we walked past a pet adoption drive and this srunny little guy jumped on her and she exploded with Joy. She begins to talk and laugh, I knew this fur ball would be coming home with me. He has been such a blessing to our family.

16. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get an education (YouTube university anyone?)

17. I’m grateful for weekends

18. I’m grateful for freedom of religion
I can praise God whenever I want. Thank You Jesus!

19. I’m grateful for the sunshine

20. I’m grateful for clean water

21. I’m grateful for Fall season

22. I’m grateful for smartphones

23. I’m grateful love

24. I’m grateful for kindness of strangers

25. I’m grateful for the internet

26. I’m grateful for books

27. I’m grateful for life experiences

28. I’m grateful for indoor plumbing

29. I’m grateful for my sound mind

30. I’m grateful music