Simple Easy rotisserie chicken recipe your family will love

Easy rotisserie chicken recipe

Hi Girls,
I’m trying to get on periscope, so earlier today I periscope myself prepping this chicken for dinner tonight and I got to tell you this is the easiest and fastest way to cook a whole chicken.
No cutting, no watching it cook, no turning whatsoever!

Simply spices it up, tie it, pop it and done! 

You can watch my periscope here to see how I tie the chicken.

What you need:

Whole chicken 
Lemon pepper
Seasoning salt
garlic powder
rotisserie machine
Rotisserie elastic food ties

The process

Prepare your chicken the way you would normally do.
I sprinkle the lemon pepper, seasoning salt and garlic powder all over the chicken, then I tie it up and pop it in the rotisserie machine.

I put it in there for one hour and a half. 

Easy rotisserie chicken recipe

and voila!

prep time is really less than 10 minutes, I periscope the whole thing and it only took me 10 minutes to do.

I love my rotisserie machine for the simple reason I can’t cook a chicken in the oven! There I said it! I can’t!
It’s always either to too dry or not done. I have to keep on checking on it and play it by ear. 

I’m not about that life, I know it takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes for the rotisserie machine to fully cook the chicken I can add a few more minutes if I want more color. After I put the chicken in the rotisserie machine I left, I went and pick up my kids from school.

Since the rotisserie is rotating the chicken while it cooks, it keeps it juices; so no dry chicken ever!
The girls ask for second… so it’s totally safe to call it  an “award winning” chicken recipe LOL

The good thing about this, you can ooze it in barbecue, sweet and sour sauce, make your own marinade… whatever you like and it will be a different kind of chicken that everyone will love and dinner won’t be boring.

What’s your favorite way to cook chicken?

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