#Grateful – The bad things can be THE good thing

For a long time, I keep trying to undo all the bad stuff that happened to me. I didn’t want to accept them. 
Who would? We’re humans, that’s what humans do, we try to get rid of the pain, make it go away.

We tried to get to a place where it didn’t happen. 
I don’t know how many times I tried to imagine my what-ifs. 
What if I didn’t get married?  
what if I had taken different jobs? 
what if I had never met some people? 
What if I had never moved?

It’s endless…
But each of these “bad” decisions I spend my time second guessing, somewhat led me to a something great in my life that i would not have gotten if not…

It’s the most beautiful thing when that happened.The light bulb goes off and you realise that the bad things happened to be the good things.

or to say it better, God use the bad things for our good. Sometimes it almost feels like maybe we were supposed to go through the awfulness… but it’s not necessarily true. 

God is just that good! No mistakes or bad decisions or hurt or betrayal can keep you away for what is reserved for you.

I’m so grateful for a God like that.

Your perspective can be your prison or your passport. It can be the thing that keep you bound or the thing that set you free.

Be grateful for the bad things, for they prepare you for your good things.

I’m a witness! Can you relate?

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