Easy and Practical Ways to Keep your Sanity with Back to School

It’s only days 3 of back to school and I’m already going stir crazy, I anticipated waking up and be on time would be my biggest challenge so I prepared myself for that. I started sleep training weeks ago, I organized my room, kitchen and set in place things and practices to make my life easier and it’s helping.

What I didn’t plan for was my kids moodiness and bickering! OH LAWD!

They can’t be without each other but lawdamercy!

This morning they keep fussing over the cup holder in the car, my little one ended up spilling her banana mango smoothie cup that was suppose to be her breakfast all over the car and her backpack! #facePalm

I was so ticked off I was about to smack both of them if I wasn’t driving. Unfortunately it’s not the first time this sorta thing happened but today it really got me hot!

After screaming and yelling, I felt a little ashamed for losing it like that, and I realised I have been so focus on preparing for a smooth back to school I haven’t sat down!

I haven’t pray or study the word, I haven’t had my tea, I skip meals and lost sleep so no wonder I almost ate my kids before 7 in the morning LOL

…and could it be I’m also causing the bickering between them? cause they do feed on on whatever my mod is.

So after I dropped them off this morning, I knew I had to fix this before they get back, I came up with a lists of things that usually keep me grounded! 

I’m sharing them with you just in case…

Pray and meditate 

I need Jesus! 

I need His love, I need His patience, I need Him to fill me up with His spirit so I can be a decent person on the day to day basis!
Thank God for His holy spirit, cause without Him the chick in my head… 
CHEA! She ain’t right that all imma say!

Get a drink! Coffee or tea whatever your thing is…

I’m a tea gal! As much I love the smell of coffee I just can’t handle caffeine. One cup can turn me up to a thousand! While this can be a good thing on some days most days it’s not!

Sitting and enjoying my tea, helps me focus, think and plan my day.
Something about sitting and sipping just relax the mind and the body.

So sip. sip.


Sometimes I find myself running around doing so many things and it’s 1PM and I realised I haven’t had breakfast. Now I’m running low and suffering from a major case of “Hangry”. That’s when meal plan goes out the window and I ended eating a loaf of french bread in on sitting or a whole pizza which is just bad all around.

Just sit down for some breakfast Ok?

Go for walk or do some stretches

Fresh air can do a world of good! Walking and/or stretching not only get the heart pumping, it loosen the the join and you’re forced to actually breathe!
a good breath can keep you from entering panic zone! It simple yet super effective.

Do it with me: Breathe in. Breathe out.

Give yourself some off time

We need time off! I know it, you know it but when you’re divorced and suddenly became a single mom trying to build a business,”time off” can be a unicorn. Nevertheless it is needed, I only have one me, and I’m all my girls have. I can go around losing it and so can’t you!

So do yourself a favor and give yourself some off time! It could be a long shower after tuck ins, read a fun story, have a glass a wine… That’s what my friend Alisha would do LOL, grab a cheap massage off groupon, whatever makes you zen! Do it!

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