4 Fun Ways To Cool Down With Watermelon During The Hot Summer Months

Hola Chicas! 
How is your summer going? 
Everyone must me enjoying the sunny warm weather, and all the fun that goes with it.
Here around my part is it super HOT! 

Which mean operation cooling down is in full throttle! 

Watermelon to the RESCUE!

  1. Eat it in chunks

Watermelon can be so much fun! 

Gorgeous juicy pop of color in your plate

It is is both yummy and refreshing. 

As if yummy and pretty wasn’t enough it is also loaded with vitamin A, C, Fibers and Potassium!

2. Juice it

Watermelon can be made into delicious morning juice and enjoyed in fancy wine goblet. 
All the while cleansing the guts LOL 

3. Popsicle it

Watermelon can be frozen for lunch, and made into fun delicious  popsicle.  

Watermelon can put smiles on little girls faces

4. Ice cream / slushy it!

Get creative with it! 

My ice cream are actually some of the popsicle that didn’t freeze completely. Place this sweet cold slush in a cute pink bowl you get yourself a cold summer treat.

How do you eat your watermelon?

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