4 Easy Steps To Back To School Sleep Training

School is in two weeks and I’m in big troubles! 

My kids sleep pattern is haywire.

First you might be wondering why did I let their sleep pattern get messed up in the first place? 

It’s the same question I ask myself #LeSigh

Anyway, we were on vacation hopping from one place to the next, it happened. Now school starts in 2 weeks, my kids are sleeping till 10 AM at the earliest. 


In two weeks they will have to be in class by 7:15 What a mama to do?

Here are my 4 steps Starting tonight

1. Sleep Train Mama

I forgot to mention my sleep pattern is all out of wack too. If I don’t wake up to wake them up nobody will wake up.

if you guys remember I may have mentioned this once or twice morning and I are NOT best buds.

So my first challenge is fix me. I just read my girl Dani’s handbook Morning makeover She has some good tips I’m going to try. Hope it helps.

2. Keep trying to put them to bed on time

Since they wake up so late, it’s evident they are not tired by bedtime. They refuse to go to bed. Tomorrow start operation “wear them out”, I have a pretty good chance of wearing myself out first but desperate measures.

3. Wake them up in the crack of dawn

I just bought the loudest most annoying alarm clock to set up in their room, just in case I don’t wake up on time #crossFingers They will still get their wake up call.
I just have to keep myself from hitting the snooze button to many time.

4. Wake up incentives

I’m bribing with a park trip! They’ve been wanting to go. It’s been so hot and rainy, the park is only possible in the early morning. Since they rather sleep the morning away by the time they wake up it’s too hot and/or wet. 

Anyway one thing I know for sure next summer we’re keeping bedtime as is!

Do you keep bedtime schedule in the summer? 

How do you get back in the swing of things when school starts? HELP!!!