Visit Disney World With Kids: 4 Fun Things To Do At Epcot

A friend of the family went to Disney with her kids and she told me her kids didn’t like Epcot, “it was boring” They say! 

My eyes nearly pop out of my head. 


Epcot is one of the funnest park at Disney. My kids love Epcot! My daughter even pick Epcot as her birthday gift. We have annual pass which mean to drive there quite a lot, we are never tired of Epcot.

So I put together a few of our favorites things to do at Epcot.

1.Make passport and Visit different countries

You can buy little passport books from guest relations or make your own before you go. We made our own, since we were making passports for our dolls too. Epcot has an elaborate showcase of cultures from different countries. You can visit China, Mexico, France, Norway just to name a few without leaving the park.
We get our passport stamp each places we go. In France and Mexico we speak french and Spanish for other paces we faked our accents and pretend we speaking their language lol! It was such a blast when we went through the UK and met with Mary Poppins we were kinda stuck in that accent for a while lol

2.Travel through spaces

When you’re done traveling through the continent, you can extend your travel to space! There is a simulated space ride that make you feel like a real astronaut. If that’s not enough you can get on the star wars space ride and travel through magical and enchanted places. 

3. Travel under water

Epcot has a whole marine life showcase. You can play with Nemo and all his underwater friends, get up close and personal with manatees if you have a scuba license you can even dive. How fun is that?

4. Train to be a surgeon

There’s this simulated 3d surgery program, my kids love that thing. It says that the program is actually used to train surgical students (I may be wrong) but you can feel like a real surgeons playing this game. We hog that machine for hours, I had to peel my kids off of it so other people can use it lol

Epcot for our family is a blast! 
Ever been to Epcot? 
What’s your favorite attraction?